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Project Proposal- Arlo

spell out to others to get excited make sure it’s useful art bible, clear directions do the the design decisions work with the audiencehave something to refer to to keep you on track spell out the game Player needs to have a satisfying experience carriedby the animation and art. (Essential Experience) Part 1 TLDR Goals […]

Professional Contexts Blog Post

Over the last few months, professional contexts has introduced me to a plethora of different industry professionals who have all had different views on the industry and how to move into it. A first large part of placing in the industry has got to do with networking, and this was a prevalent message that was […]

James Tech Lecture Plan thingy

In this game clicking on things will cause things to happen. The easiest way to do this is to think of the scenarios you make and come up with how interacting with object will Be careful making the game a side scroller, could detract from the game experience.